NEWS 2018 PV photovoltaic KITS

" independenta energetica la superlativ "



Proudly we introduce on the market "2018 PV residential kits" complet for shipping start May. Complete with SUNre and Daikin Altherma 3 heat pump now !.  more..

High demand for market, complete island kit for small applications 12V, 24V, but also with AC 230 VAC option up to 6KW. Available from late April.. more..

Introducem kit-uri complete rezidentiale "global photovoltaic system", energie electrica si caldura la superlativ. Gata de livrare luna Mai. Complete cu SUNre si Daikin Altherma 3.  mai mult ..

Solicitate intens de piata,..kit-uri complete island pentru mici aplicatii 12V, 24V, dar si cu optiunea AC 230 VAC, pana la 6KW. Livrabile de la sfarsitul lunii Aprilie. mai mult ..



Big succes for our van and solution offer to the market. For first time we have show our "global photovoltaic system"how is working,..SUNpro offer electricity and heat enough to be near of energy independence.



ELECTRO-VOX launch complete ENERGY INDEPENDENCE 2018 application, revolutionary offer with high efficiency electricity and thermal energy with complete SUNpro or SUNre automated control units, depending of Europe region independence can reach untill 90%.


Application in grid or island: residential, corporate, gas station, hospital, hotel, school, mall, theater, cold/frozen  technology, institution, comunity, ...For key project please contact us and we will forward your energy independence solution.






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LedLine, complete range of professional Led luminaires for outdoor IP65, indoor, now on SALE in

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 E L E C T R O - V OX 1990 founded electronics-energy company, offer through “greenpower department”  : SUNpro and SUNre PV PLC controlers, EPC PV installations ,  LED innovative industrial and commercial lighting (under LedLine TM) . Certified products and services are highly tech and became from an extended knowledge and experience base accumulated. The company continuously engages in refine and improve their own products and services for support saving energy and improve “green power”concept.