E L E C T R O - V O X

It was founded in 1990 at the initiative of Drd. Eng. Marius Coman as a materialized expression of a passion that combines electronics, acoustics and energy. Anticipating the energy crisis, the company has been developing the "Green Power" department since 2009, which develops and offers special and global solutions in the field of renewable energies from KW to MW.

Uncompromising industrial quality

The products and services offered by Electro-Vox are characterized by the highest technology and come from a vast experience that has been accumulated in more than 30 years. The company has exceptional logistics that have been developed especially for this format: modern offices, a large warehouse, a fleet of vehicles, service laboratories for electromechanics and modern electronics. Areas of activity: media distribution center (pro sound & light), design, professional electronics, energy, ...

Green Power

The company is constantly striving to improve its own products and services in order to achieve energy independence with minimal pollution and to strengthen the concept of "green electricity".


ELECTRO - VOX has the exclusive right to use the OSIM warehouse sold under the name SUNpro or SUNre, a scalable PLC controller with energy storage solutions, offering a wide range of applications: from residential, corporate to complete "smart grid" - "Smart Grid".

Trade Marks

Electro-Vox owns the trademarks "Electro-Vox Professional" and "Led-Line".

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