S JB098
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LSR – Linear Spatial Reference Technology
JBL Developed Linear Spatial Reference Technology to optimize mid and high frequency accuracy at the
listening position where reflected sound comes into play. Meeting frequency response criteria for seventy-two
off-axis measurements, the LSR6325P ensures that not just the direct sound, but the reflected sound that
reaches you at the listening position is also smooth and accurate.

The compact LSR6325P-1 provides exceptional performance for use in applications where accuracy is a must, but space is limited. With a 5.25 in. high-excursion woofer, a damped titanium composite tweeter, and 150 Watts of amplification, it outperforms many larger systems. When used with the LSR6312SP Subwoofer, the LSR6325P-1 is the heart of an exceptionally accurate yet space efficient full-range system.