S TA630
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CD 302


The TASCAM CD-302 isn't for every DJ...just the ones that want to stand out from the crowd. The reason is simple: feature for feature, the CD-302 is the most powerful, creativity-inspiring dual CD DJ tool available today.

Whether you're into juggling, scratching or beat mixing, the CD-302 isready to handle your best moves. It's like having two separate decks, each with its own controller. With it, you get features like beat matching that automatically shows the tempos of the discs in both decks,10-second sampling on each unit, and the ability to seamlessly loop material as long as your audience can take it. The brake feature lets you make the smoothest segues between songs, and the instant start feature lets you cue your material before anyone can leave the dance floor. Go crazy with ± 32% tempo adjustments that won't change the pitch, or ± 32% pitch adjustments that don't change the tempo. In other words, the CD-302 lets you make the music all your own