S NU510
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The Numark 5000FX is a 5-channel tabletop DJ mixer with integrated sampling, scratching, and effects. There are 3 phono, 9 line (3 switchable to phono), and 2 mic inputs -- including a top-mounted Neutrik jack. Outputs include XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced master, zone, booth, record, and S/PDIF digital. Additional features include dual BPM meters, fader start, and a replaceable crossfader with adjustable slope.

Full scratching implementation

Scratch live audio, samples, and loops

True buffered scratching

Integrated FX processor

Digital effects include chop, echo, delay, isolate/kill/vocal kill, distortion, and sonar

Wet/dry slider controls the mix of processed audio

Full sampling implementation

30 seconds of high-quality sampling

Trigger, loop, scratch, and crossfade samples' even play in reverse

Full looping implementation

Smart Loop automatically truncates sample to beat

Loops can be automatically synced to incoming music via Beatkeeper technology

Interactive Scratch/Effect/Pitch wheel

Responsive scratching

Smooth effect transitions

Precise pitch adjustment