S GO382
Weight: kg

GAC2 DMX 10630



Jacket:PVC, Ø 3.6mm, black

Viscose fiber coat:Counter wrapped to the shield

Shield No. 1:Bare copper wires (0.10mm) 100% coverage

Shield No. 2:Bare copper wires (0.10mm) 100% coverage

Cord (2):'PE', quad twisted with two conductors

Insulation:Scum 'PE' (foam skin), 1.15mm diameter, white and red

Conductor:Stranded tinned copper wires 19 x 0.1mm (0.14mm²)


Technical specifications

Conductor resistance:< 80 Ohm/km

Shield resistance:< 35 Ohm/km

Attenuation:at 1 MHz:< 3 dB/km

Impedance:< 108 Ohm/km

Capacitance:< 50 nF/km

Temperature range:

 flexi-installed:-5° to +50° C 

 fix-installed:-30° to +70° C