S GO380
Weight: kg

GAC-SPK 2X2.5 50150



Jacket:PUR, Ø 6.8mm, blue (dark)

Separation:PVC, Ø 6.1mm, white

Conductor 1A:Bare copper wires (0.20mm)

Conductor 1B:Bare copper wires (0.20mm) = 1A & 1B = total 2.5 mm²

Insulation:PVC, Ø 4.0mm, red

Conductor:(OFC) Stranded bare copper wires 50 x 0.25mm (2.50mm²)


Technical specifications

Center conductor resistance:< 7.6 Ohm/km

Outside line resistance:< 7.6 Ohm/km


cond/cond:< 450 nF/km

Test voltage:

cond/cond:800 Veff

Insulation resistance:

cond/shield:> 200 MOhm/km

Temperature range:

 flexi-installed:-5° to +50° C

 fix-installed:-30° to +70° C