S GO369
Weight: kg

DGS-16 BLACK 34016


Construction of Multipair: 

Jacket:PVC, black Ø 18.0 mm max.

Viscose fiber coatCounter wrapped


Construction of one pair

Jacket:PVC, 3.30 mm max. Ø

Shield:64 bare copper wires, (0.10 mm) 100% coverage

Insulation:PE, Ø 1.15 mm, conductors, red and white wrapped

Conductor:Stranded bare copper wires 25 x 0.1 mm (0.20mm²)


Technical specifications

Conductor resistance:< 92 Ohm/km

Shielding resistance:< 80 Ohm/km


 cond/cond:< 75 nF/km

 cond/shield:< 130 nF/km

Characteristic impedance:at 20 kHz:145 Ohm

Test voltage:

 cond/cond:500 Veff

 cond/shield:2000 Veff

Operating voltage:low voltage