S UL315
Weight: kg



Foldable, semi-open, supra aural headphones. These headphones have been specially designed and developed for iPod, MP3 players and other portable sound devices. Equipped with S-LogicTM Natural Surround Sound and MU Metal shielding. Incl. a solid iCans box for easy storage and transportation.

Technical specifications

S-LogicTM Natural Surround Sound

ULE technology (=Ultra Low Emission)

MU Metal bufferboard, reduced field emissions in accordance with the ULE standard

Dynamic principle

Frequency range 20 - 20.000 Hz

Impedance 35 Ohm

Sound pressure level 101 dB

Driver 30mm Mylar

Weight 82g (without cord)

Cord length: ca. 115 cm

Long-term availability of spare parts

Produced in Germany

The specially developed iCans establishes a new sound standard for portable sound devices. These headphones are designed to be small for use with the iPod and any other MP3 or audio players but they are developed to sound big especially with mobile players! This new standard combines natural surround sound and safer hearing for portable headphones. ULTRASONE has taken technology developed for larger professional studio headphones and equipped the mobile iCans with functional S-LogicTM Natural Surround Sound. This technology enables you to listen to the music your iPod or MP3 player includes as if you are listening to speakers several meters away. The S-LogicTM technology also allows an up to 40% lower dB output (3-4 dB) for the same loudness sensation. This may significantly reduce the risk of hearing damage - an absolute must if you spend a lot of time in headphones. For your ears only: The best As already mentioned, the patented S-LogicTM technology has been implemented as standard. But that?s by far not all the iCans offers! The other feature of the iCans is the patented ULTRASONE ULE technology. ULE stands for Ultra Low Emission and cuts electro-magnetic emissions produced by most headphones. On the basis of the ULE technology the iCans uses a MU Metal bufferboard which shields the mentioned radiation. As increasingly more and more young people wear headphones for many hours, this technology has become essential for everybody. As recommendations for the low-frequency magnetic emissions for headphones are still pending, we do consider this subject seriously and do minimize radiation as it is possible!