S AK273
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D22 - Bass Instruments


The D22's technical specification is as simple as the mic itself, which has no switches or pads to complicate things. Its frequency range extends from 60Hz to 18kHz, while sensitivity is 2.5mV/Pa, but no frequency curve is provided in the brief manual and there's no clue as to how many dBs 'down' the mic is at the specified limits. Clearly, this is one microphone that will have to be evaluated almost entirely subjectively.

While the D22 is laudably compact, plugging in a standard XLR cable effectively doubles its length, as I mentioned above. While I wouldn't want the designers to use a non–standard connector or a fixed cable, I still can't see why mics of this type can't be designed with their XLR socket at an angle, to keep the cable connector below the line of fire when the mic is fixed to a drum rim and angled down towards the head. Having said that, even though the D22 is an inexpensive mic, it is very nicely engineered, with a heavy cast body and a very tough single–layer basket lined with acoustic foam — so it should safely withstand a few whacks! As you'd expect, the capsule is internally shock–mounted, although when I removed the basket to investigate I found the resilient mounting stiffer than I'd expected. The swivel mechanism has a fairly small thumbscrew, for tightening purposes, but the mic showed no tendency to droop in normal operation.