S AK239
Weight: kg



-Professional XLR connector matching all dynamic microphones

-Ultra-light, glass fiber reinforced miniature case 

-Integrated charging contacts 

-Extremely low operating cost


The SO 40 snapon transmitter is probably the most cost efficient way to upgrade a hardwire microphone for wireless use. All you have to do is disconnect the microphone cable and plug the snapon transmitter into the XLR connector on the microphone. The snapon transmitter with its small and light glass fiber reinforced case will add less weight to the microphone than the cable did.

An input gain control lets you match the SO 40 to the microphone output level. A noiseless on/off switch allows you to mute any microphone with no on/off switch. Replaceable color code elements allow easy identification of the various microphone channels in any multichannel concert setup. Our microphone suggestions for SO 40:  D 770, C 1000 S