S SH931
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SCM 410E


Shure SCM410

This four-channel, gated, automatic mixer features gating which activates only microphones being addressed, minimizing poor audio caused by multiple open microphones. Modified for use with Voice Recognition Systems, this mixer will permit only one gate to be open at any time. Ideal for active households. The SCM410 automatic gated mixer is designed specifically for installed sound applications. The SCM410 works great with Voice Recognition Systems such as HAL2000 where multiple microphones are desired. Utilizing Multi-Colored LED's, each channel indicates when the gate or channel is active and when it is "clipping". Other Features include 12 V phantom power, four active balanced XLR microphone-level inputs, line-level outputs, highly RF resistant chassis and circuitry, complete logic control of microphone activation, linking capacity for up to 400 microphones, with an internal power supply. 120/230 Vac power.