S CR626
Weight: kg

CH 4

• Drives multiple impedances, with both low impedance and high impedance outputs per channel.
• High-pass filter for each channel provides low-frequency roll off to eliminate step down transformer saturation when used in 70V distributed systems.
• Shallow chassis design, allowing for installation in most wall-mount racks.
• Rear panel detented level controls allow for accurate level settings and secure operation.
• “Contractor-Correct” barrier strip output connectors allow for quick and easy connection, regardless of the load.
• Advanced protection circuitry guards against:shorted outputs, open circuits, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, high-frequency overloads and internal faults.
• Can be mounted in standard (19-inch (48.3-cm)) rack, shallow (14-inch (35.56-cm)) rack, or stacked on top of each other.
• Accurate, uncolored sound with very low distortion for the best in music and voice reproduction.
• Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifi cations.
• Crown’s Profi t Protection Plan guarantees quick,no-questions-asked replacement of your covered Contractor Series amplifi er should it fail at any time up to 6 months following date of installation.