USB interface

L TT641
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⊙ 512 DMX Channels, each fixture up to 32 channels;  
⊙ 48 temporary scenes, changing without affecting 
    preset memories;  
⊙ 80 memories, independent to changes of scenes;  
⊙ 80 groups, changeable by changes of memories;  
⊙ 16 timers, changeable by changes of groups;  
⊙ 240 user-defined tools and 1 user-defined joy-stick, 
    simplifying the operation of faders; 
⊙ Keyboard short-cuts;  
⊙ Easy device manager and prompts;  
⊙ Data output isolated from power. 
⊙ sound activation function
⊙ added with a MIDI input, an Audio input and a MIC

200 SERIES 12/24 Ch (64313)

L ST485
Weight: kg

The Strand Series 200 12/24 Channel Lighting Control Console is fully digital. It enables two scene control over 12 channels, or one scene control over 24 channels of your lighting design. LED indicators are on all controls.
This step-up from the 100 series allows up to 24 effects each with 99 steps, a split crossfader with time fade function, and bump buttons on all channels.
This UL, CE and cUL rated model has a rotary timed fader that can be set from one second to 15 minutes in Preset mode, and from 0.1 to 5 seconds in Effect mode.
This model (64314) is listed by Strand as including a multi-voltage 120-240VAC power supply.
Special Effects
· Up to 24 special effects in 4 pages of 6 with 99 steps each
· Effect type may be Chase, Build, Cycle, Random, Audio Input
· Up to 6 effects can be active simultaneously. The start, stop, fade time, and running speed
  (step time) of each effect can be controlled individually.
· The fade in and fade out time of each effect is set by the FX fade time potentiometer and   adjustable from instant (0) to 2 minutes.
· Individual steps and their contents may be inserted or deleted.
24 submaster scenes arranged on two pages of 12
Design on the Fly
Edit Scenes and Effects either Live or in a Blind mode.
Blackout Control
When the blackout button is pressed all channels are set to zero. Pressing the blackout button again will reset the channels to their previous levels.
Master Sliders
A dipless cross-fade is performed by moving both sliders in tandem. If the masters are set at opposite ends of their scales, the console will either mix both presets (both at 10) or blackout (both at 0).
Channel Sliders
Two sliders for each channel, are mounted one above the other in Preset mode. In Single scene mode all faders will operate as a single 24 channel scene with a hold function to create two scene operation.
Bump Buttons and Bump Master
One button is located below each of the channel faders on both banks.
MIDI Compatible
Effects may be controlled by Audio (sound-to-light) or a MIDI compatible control device.