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Soundcraft GB4-12

Every inch a professional Soundcraft console, the GB4 is packed with the features you need to create a memorable live sound mix. Combining totally re-engineered circuit topology with our ground-breaking GB30 mic preamp and EQ designs, the GB4 is an affordable live sound console that rivals the sonic performance of many high-end professional mixers. It's also built to last with a rigid steel chassis, high quality vertically mounted fiberglass PCB channel strips and individually nutted potentiometers ensuring reliability in both fixed installations and on the road. And thanks to a conveniently angled rear connector panel, you can do all your patching without ever leaving the mix position.

With dual-mode topology derived from Soundcraft's high-end MH Series consoles, the GB4 is the ultimate live mixing solution for medium-sized venues including clubs, theatres and houses of worship. With a single button press, any of the first four Aux master controls can be swapped with the respectively numbered Group fader, providing the flexibility to work at FOH, Monitors, or perform both duties simultaneously. New GB30 circuit designs ensure world class sonic performance. Every input channel features a GB30 mic preamp which uses local linearisation techniques rather than global feedback, and delivers an extremely open frequency response and excellent phase linearity. And the GB30 EQ borrows the innovative topology developed for the MH4 console, providing GB4 users with the benefits of genuine high-end equalisation. The innovation doesn't stop there. Soundcraft development engineers have taken a meticulous 'ground-up' approach to the circuit and mechanical design of the GB4 to create a robust and affordable 4-bus live sound console with noise performance and channel isolation figures bettering those of many more expensive consoles.

The GB4 is packed with professional features including seven true busses - four Groups, the L-R mix and a C (mono) bus - with eight Aux sends bringing the total bus count to fifteen. GB4 has four mute groups, providing quick and easy muting of groups of channels, ideal for scene changes or where groups of instruments need to be silenced. And the GB4's 7x4 matrix is essential when different zones in a venue require specifically tailored mixes, enabling the operator to create sub-mixes of the Group, L-R mix and C (mono) busses.

When it comes to recording a performance, the GB4 is similarly well equipped with pre-/post-fader switchable direct outputs on every channel and a high-quality limiter on dedicated record outputs fed from the L-R mix bus

Individually switched 48V phantom power on every mono input module

· 8 Aux sends

· 4 Group sends (paired)

· 4 Mute Groups

· 7+4 Output Matrix

· Limiter on record output

· New GB30 mic pre-amp

· 4-band GB30 EQ

· Integral power supply, with an external power supply link option

· All metal TRS jacks and Neutrik XLRs

· Direct outputs on all mono input channels