MPX 110

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The newest addition to Lexicon's award-winning MPX Series, the MPX 110 replaces the MPX 100 as Lexicon's most affordable dual-channel processor. A true stereo processor, the MPX 110 includes 24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, and relies on the proprietary Lexichip engine to perform 24-bit internal processing. Its 240 carefully crafted presets feature legendary Lexicon reverb, as well as dual programs that combine 2 independent effects in 4 routing configurations. Tempo can be set using audio input, a dual footswitch, the front panel Tap button, or an external MIDI device. A powerful editing tool called Learn Mode allows patching of 5 front panel controls, while permanent MIDI patches provide access to audio parameters not available from the front panel.

Legendary Lexicon reverb
Lexicon's proprietary Lexichip
24-bit internal processing
24-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion
240 presets
16 User programs
44.1kHz S/PDIF output (may be set to wet or dry for use as a high-quality, stand-alone converter)
Simultaneous analog and digital outputs
Independent processing of each input
Dual programs that combine 2 independent effects in 4 routing configurations
Multiple delay, modulation, and pitch effects
Tap Tempo
Full MIDI control
Software-selectable MIDI Out/Thru connector
2-stage headroom indicators
Global mix and tempo modes
Headphone output
High impedance inputs for instruments
Push-button or footswitch selection of dry or muted audio output
20Hz-20kHz±1dB frequency response


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- 16 legendary Lexicon® reverbs
- Lexicon delays & modulation effects
- dbx® Dynamics
- Dual-Processor design
- 4 Routing Configurations:   Dual Mono, Cascade, Dual Stereo (Paralel), Mono Split      
- 99 Factory / 99 User Programs
- USB "Hardware Plug-In" Feature
- VST® and Audio Units Plug-In Software
- MX-Edit™ Editor/Librarian Software
- S/PDIF Digital Input / Output
- 24 bit, 48kHz Sample Rate


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The MX300 puts the great sound of a hardware Lexicon reverb—plus the ability to put that power to work as part of your DAW workflow via PC VST and Mac AU plug-ins—in one unit. Even better, the ultra-affordable MX300 comes packed with a significant portion of the capabilities from the powerful MX400. All parameters of every reverb, delay and dynamic effect in this powerhouse processor are available inside any PC VST or Macintosh AU compatible DAW program. Just link your computer to the MX300 with a USB cable and control automation and recall parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in. You get the sonic benefits only Lexicon hardware can provide without bogging down your computer's CPU with the extreme demands of reverb plug-ins. Along with the unique hardware plug-ins for PC and Mac, Lexicon has also included MX-Edit Librarian software so you can store and recall custom programs or pull up an unlimited number of Lexicon settings. Do a serious side-by-side listening test of the MX300 versus comparably priced competition and units costing far more. You'll hear why Lexicon is the leader in reverberation effects. Full arsenal of voice and instrument-enhancing effects includes 16 Lexicon reverbs, seven delays, genuine DBX compression, de-essing, and modulated effects that will make any performance sound better.

MX400 XL

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Lexicon is noted for reverbs, and now the new MX400XL dual stereo/surround reverb processor brings those quality sounds to project studios, surround facilities on a budget, and live sound applications. The new single-rackspace, 4-in, 4-out MX400XL combines an intuitive front-panel design with Lexicon's "Hardware Plug-in" technology, a unique USB connection, and VST/AU interface for use with software recording platforms.
Lexicon MX400XL Dual Stereo/Surround Reverb Processor at a Glance:
Wide array of reverbs, delays, effects, and dbx dynamics
"Hardware Plug-in" gives you software control of the unit
Intuitive front-panel controls for live use
Wide array of reverbs, delays, effects, and dbx dynamics
Featuring a wide array of rich, complex reverb algorithms, delays, effects and dbx dynamics, the MX400 series is an ideal package equally suited for the home studio or live use. The MX400 series also offers an affordable entry into the ever-expanding world of surround applications. In any application, the MX400 series products provide versatility and sound that is unmistakably Lexicon.
"Hardware Plug-in" gives you software control of the unit
Like its award nominated sibling, the MX200, the MX400 series has removed the compromises associated with using hardware in the home studio environment. The USB "Hardware Plug-In" format allows you to have complete plug-in control over your MX400 within any VST or Audio Units software environment, enabling you to control all automation and recall parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in while enjoying the sonic benefits only hardware can provide.
Intuitive front-panel controls for live use
Equally at home for live applications, the MX400 supplies the FOH/live sound engineer intuitive front panel control with a backlit LCD screen for parameter displays. A 4-in, 4-out design, the MX400 series offer unprecedented connectivity through XLR balanced I/O (MX400XL), or TRS I/O (MX400). Both products also offer 4-channel surround algorithms, making them an extremely affordable offering to surround mixing facilities.

Lexicon MX400XL Dual Stereo/Surround Reverb Processor Features:

4-in, 4-out dual stereo or surround effects processor
USB computer connection
VST/AU plug-in allows software control of hardware unit
Lexicon-quality reverbs, delays, and effects
Built-in dbx dynamics processing
Includes 4-channel surround algorithms
XLR I/O (see MX400 for TRS I/O)


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• Zero latency Lexicon monitor reverb
• dbx® high-voltage, ultra low noice mic pre's on all 8 channels
• dbx dynamics (compressor, limiter, gate, EQ) on all 8 channels
• 6 analog combi-jack inputs on the rear panel for mic/line inputs
• 2 front panel combi-jacks accept mic, line, or instrument signals
• Type IV conversion feature emulates tape saturation at high levels
• Zero latency mixer hardware UI with dbx dynamics and a hardware monitor reverb
• 44.1 to 96KHz sample rates, 24 bit processing
• 8 analog TRS outputs (7.1 surround capable) and stereo main (control room) outs
• Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O
• MIDI In and Out
• FireWire 400 connection to DAW
• Software suite includes Steinberg's Cubase LE 4, Toontrack EZ Drummer lite, and Lexicon Pantheon II reverb plug-in
• Low Latency drivers include Windows WDM with ASIO support along with and Macintosh CoreAudio with ASIO support

AFS 224

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The AFS 224 Advanced Feedback Suppression processor was designed to provide state-of-the art feedback elimination processing, while maintaining a simple and intuitive control interface. From the powerful DSP module to the no-nonsense user interface, the AFS 224 provides all the processing and control necessary for both installation and live use. The AFS 224 is an absolute must for any live sound application.


  • dbx's Patent-pending (Advanced Feedback Suppression) AFS™ technology
  • 24 Programmable Filters per Channel
  • Stereo or Dual Independent Channel Processing
  • Live and Fixed Filter Modes
  • Selectable Filter Lift Times
  • Application-specific filter types include: Speech and Music Low, Med and High
  • Input channel Metering
  • 24 LED per Channel Filter Metering
  • XLR and TRS Inputs and Outputs