S PI162
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CD Deck

A CD turntable with endless sound creation and remix possibilities, the CDJ-100S allows creative freedom to develop your own individual style.

CD 302

S TA630
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The TASCAM CD-302 isn't for every DJ...just the ones that want to stand out from the crowd. The reason is simple: feature for feature, the CD-302 is the most powerful, creativity-inspiring dual CD DJ tool available today.

Whether you're into juggling, scratching or beat mixing, the CD-302 isready to handle your best moves. It's like having two separate decks, each with its own controller. With it, you get features like beat matching that automatically shows the tempos of the discs in both decks,10-second sampling on each unit, and the ability to seamlessly loop material as long as your audience can take it. The brake feature lets you make the smoothest segues between songs, and the instant start feature lets you cue your material before anyone can leave the dance floor. Go crazy with ± 32% tempo adjustments that won't change the pitch, or ± 32% pitch adjustments that don't change the tempo. In other words, the CD-302 lets you make the music all your own


S NU524
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The iCDX lets you access, manipulate and play all of your media from one powerful controller. With its built–in CD/Data DVD drive and USB port for connecting external devices such as a USB flash drive, or external hard drive, the iCDX provides an infinite amount of song selection choices.

With its power and control, the iCDX is revolutionizing the industry as a media player and computer controller.

  • USB connectivity allows access to USB flash drives and most MP3 players (Mass storage class FAT, HFS+ file formats only)
  • External HID controller for compatible software, including CUE and Serato Scratch Live
  • Large, touch–sensitive scratch wheel manipulates all media, not just CD, with 7 customizable settings
  • Multi–function push knobs for selection of effect parameters, folders and songs
  • Multi–function, backlit LCD screen displays BPM, CD text, MP3 ID tags, and file names
  • 6 assignable buttons for seamless loops, samples, or hot cues
  • Real time adjustable loop creates seamless mixes on the fly
  • Integrated, beat–synced DSP effects include chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan and phaser
  • Intuitive, dedicated Wet/Dry effects fader
  • Choose and fade to new track without a second player
  • +/– 100% pitch range with full–range key lock
  • Illuminated slot–load drive reads CDs/MP3 CDs/DATA DVDs
  • Integrated folder navigation for data discs and USB devices


S NU525
Weight: kg

The new HDX is the most advanced DJ media player on the market and is styled after Numark's highly successful CDX player. An on-board 80GB hard drive (loadable via USB 2.0) and a slot load CD drive, make the HDX a perfect tool for professional and aspiring mobile DJs as well as club installers.

The HDX also features an on–board Gracenote™ CD database to automatically recognize and tag audio CDs, for added convenience. Enhanced search capabilities, which can be utilized via an included keyboard, facilitate easy file location by artist, album, genre, track and even BPM.

When it comes to real scratch feel, pro DJs agree that nothing beats vinyl. In this area, the HDX is the best in its class, featuring an ultra–high torque, motorized 12–inch platter that holds a real user–replaceable vinyl record. The HDX also records live via analog inputs and encodes the input signal directly to the hard drive.

The HDX is the only device of its kind to allow recording to take place during playback; empowering DJs to record their own live performances.

In addition, the HDX houses your entire music library, which enables you to travel light, and revolutionize your DJ arsenal in the process. The future of DJing is here.

  • Removable 80GB laptop hard drive provides portable storage for thousands of songs
  • Hard Drive Playback of MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg–Vorbis, and FLAC (lossless) formats
  • Search by artist, album, song, genre, BPM or playlist
  • USB 2.0 for fast loading
  • Rip and Encode Audio or Data CDs to the HD
  • Record tracks or your whole set, through analog input, as raw WAV or MP3 encoded files (record function works during playback)
  • Create your own custom playlists, at home or while you DJ
  • Illuminated slot–load CD Drive for playing CD Audio and MP3 Data CD/CDR/CDRW files, DV–R
  • User–updateable through Internet downloads
  • MAC/PC compatible
  • Keyboard included


S NU526
Weight: kg

Imagine the control, the flexibility, and the convenience. Create playlists and search for songs by title, artist, album, or genre. Rip MP3s from either of the built-in CD players, from your computer over USB, even record vinyl directly through the analog line inputs. Travel light to gigs without sacrificing anything but backaches. Discover the strength in unity. Discover the power of HDCD1.

  • Large 80GB internal hard drive stores thousands of songs - your entire music collection at your fingertips
  • Compatibility with CD, CD-ROM, MP3 CD, CD-R, CD-RW with full DJ control
  • Instant song and CD recognition via built-in upgradeable internet lookup of Gracenote song data
  • Keyboard included for rapid name search by song, artist, album, playlist or genre via ID3 tag
  • Create your own custom playlists
  • Easy-to-use interface with two large LCD screens
  • Professional DJ features including ± 16% pitch bend/change, instant start, seamless looping w/stutter start, relay start
  • Play modes : Single, Continuous, Repeat
  • Load MP3 songs via MP3 CD or USB computer connection
  • All MP3 bit rates supported including VBR
  • MP3 encoding from CD or external line in (128 kbps/320kbps/44.1 kHz)
  • Optical and coaxial digital output
  • USB interface for computer hook up
  • Software included for song upload and download, editing song tag and playlist data, and song list download
  • User-updateable firmware for future upgrades
  • Uses standard IDE hard drives


S VE528
Weight: kg

Vestax has responded to the DJ with the CDX-05. A user friendly but Professional single CD player that carries all the functions as any other but with Vestax's original features and functions. With a layout for the DJ, whether mix or scratch, the CDX-05 will answer your needs. Attach it to the Tascam TT-M1 unit, the only single player CD unit compatible to the Tascam piece will allow you to convert your turntable to the CD, to control the CD via your turntable! If you prefer the analog feel, check the CDX-05 unit with the TT-M1 at your nearest Vestax dealer.

Readable Disc 8cm/12cm CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW(x3)
Quantum Bit Rate 16 Bit
Sampling Frequency 44.1kHz(44.1kHz when pitch bending)
Analog Output RCA PIN JACK
Digital Output Coaxial Format: IE C60958 Type(2)
Fader Start Terminal 3.5 mini phone jack
TT-LinkTerminal Mini DIN Terminal
Feature Frequency 10~20kHz, +0/1.0dB
Dynamic Range 98dB
*1 Reverse play is a maximum of 7seconds / CUE, CUE point memory, FF.REW cannot be used.
*2 If the CD condition is bad it might not play
*3 Copy control cdfs do not match the standard CD rate and will have trouble been played.
*4 All names and makes mentioned are trademarks of each company.
Dimension(s) / Weight 242(W)~110(D)~300(H) / 5.9kg
Power DM/100V AC, 50-60Hz