D-MIX 500

S SO741
Weight: kg
With a wide variety of choices in both inputs and outputs, the D-MIX500 delivers class-leading flexibility in a cost effective package. A total of seven input channels, four main stereo, one auxiliary stereo and two mono, each with two inputs, will handle up to ten stereo input sources. To keep the DJ fully informed of selected signal sources and outputs, coloured LEDs accompany every major switch on the front panel. Both professional and consumer CD output levels are catered for, and three RIAA equalised phono inputs accommodate turntable pickups.
The D-MIX500 is designed as a high performance mixer for the professional DJ. Front panel controls are kept to a minimum to give a clear and uncluttered appearance while providing sufficient

UREI 1603

S SO336
Weight: kg

Soundcraft Urei 1603 Description:

The UREI 1603 Installation Music Mixers provide a fully-featured control centre for Clubs and Performing DJs.

With the legendary UREI sound quality, stunning looks and Soundcraft's exacting manufacturing construction, they are set to become the new standard in clubs worldwide.

No club mixer has been designed to allow total integration with the club sound system while offering the pro dj all necessary the tools of the trade.

Soundcraft Urei 1603 Features:

  • 4 Full-function stereo channels (1603)
  • Each has inputs selectable from Mic, Phono and Line connections
  • Phono inputs are switchable to become Line level, individually
  • Rotateable rear panel allows connectors to be on rear or underneath console (for best cable access)
  • Fire Alarm Interface mutes all channels except channel 1 to allow PA announcements but mute music
  • 3-band EQ on each channel: Channels 2-7, isolating from full cut to +6dB; Channel 1 (Mic) +/-15dB
  • VCA-based crossfader reduces fader noise and allows fully variable control curves for total control of crossfade mixing style
  • Dimensions:
  • Boxed 21.3" x 18.1" x 7.9"
  • Actual 3.4" x 15" x 15.7"
  • Shipping Weight:18.5 lbs.


S NU510
Weight: kg
The Numark 5000FX is a 5-channel tabletop DJ mixer with integrated sampling, scratching, and effects. There are 3 phono, 9 line (3 switchable to phono), and 2 mic inputs -- including a top-mounted Neutrik jack. Outputs include XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced master, zone, booth, record, and S/PDIF digital. Additional features include dual BPM meters, fader start, and a replaceable crossfader with adjustable slope.

Full scratching implementation

Scratch live audio, samples, and loops

True buffered scratching

Integrated FX processor

Digital effects include chop, echo, delay, isolate/kill/vocal kill, distortion, and sonar

Wet/dry slider controls the mix of processed audio

Full sampling implementation

30 seconds of high-quality sampling

Trigger, loop, scratch, and crossfade samples' even play in reverse

Full looping implementation

Smart Loop automatically truncates sample to beat

Loops can be automatically synced to incoming music via Beatkeeper technology

Interactive Scratch/Effect/Pitch wheel

Responsive scratching

Smooth effect transitions

Precise pitch adjustment


S VE512
Weight: kg


  • 3 band Isolator kill switch for each frequency range offers extremely fast EQ modification.
  • A Pre / Post selectable Aux send switch allows external effects to be included at any point in the signal chain. A dedicated Aux return level control knob controls the Aux output level and the aux signal can be monitored by headphone when "return" cue button is selected.
  • The additional cue meter allows musicians to monitor the cue level visually, so tempos can be matched by sight as well as sound.
  • Original VESTAX PCV fader
  • Three band isolator switch eliminates each frequency range completely.
  • Pre/post selectable AUX send switch enables various different effects to be achieved.
  • The new option meter allows the DJ to visually and audibly check the levels and accuracy of a “mix”.
  • Three phono and six line inputs are provided to meet the new mixing styles with various input sources.
  • User replaceable 60mm input faders and 45mm crossfader make “on-site” repairs very easy.
  • Optional rotary input volume controls can be fitted for “New York” style mixing.
  • Line 4 input connector socket is situated on the top panel for the easy addition of a MD/DAT /tape /CD input during performance without the problem of rear access.


  • Inputs: Phono x 3, Line x 6, Mic x 2.
  • Outputs: Stereo master outs (RCA)
  • EQ: +/-16dB High 10KHz, +/-12dB Mid 800Hz, +/-16dB Low 80Hz
  • Freq response: 20-20,000Hz
  • S/N Ratio: 92dB (A WTD)
  • Dimensions: w x h x d: 482 x 95 x 220mm, 19’ 5U.  Weight: 5kgs

PMC05 pro

S VE513
Weight: kg

Over the last 10 years the 05 series has undergone a number of important transformations that have helped to establish it as one of the most trusted and widely used mixers of all time. Once again, the PMC-5 has been reborn, this time as the PMC-05, bringing with it a number of important changes such as, new effects routing options for both PGM1 & 2, a more open battle area, a new generation cross fader and new input switch/controls.


Effects routing options on both PGM1 and PGM2 with main volume controls. Can also be used to create a session in loop, which is perfect for team battle play. The effects in and out jacks are found on the front of the mixer helping to make access and connections faster.

The CF monitor control and monitor level controls have been moved closer to the top in order to free up more battle space around the cross fader for dynamic scratches and moves

Third generation PCV crossfader for smoother and more accurate cuts, mixes and scratches. Cross fader reverse (Hamster switch).

Innovative double panel faceplate system for the easy maintenance and replacement of the cross fader, input faders, and input control switches


Input: LINE IN (RCA) x 2 PHONO (RCA) x 2 MIC IN (f 6.3PHONE) x 2 EFFECT RCV (RCA) x 1


Size/weight: 262 (W) ×106 (H) ×370 (D) mm/4.0kg

Power source: DC15V 500mA (power source adapter DC-15ADM \3,000)

Electric power consumption: 7W

PMC06 pro

S VE514
Weight: kg

Vestax PMC-06 Pro A 2 Channel DJ Scratch Mixer

Shaped to fit between two turntables with minimal separation.

All faders and switches are laid out for perfect one-hand operation. Double panel system and photo-coupler crossfader system with curve adjustment meet pro requirements. Two channels.


  • On-sight replaceable crossfader, input fader, and multidirectional input switch with double panel system
  • The world's first standard hamster switch (reverses direction of the crossfader)
  • World's skinniest body style


S VE517
Weight: kg
The PCV-180 is a stylish, 3-channel mixing console that is designed for techno, house and drum 'n' bass DJs. It features a 3-band isolator with proprietary Vestax "infinity cut" circuitry, an advanced effects routing section with selectable pre/post/off insertion and comprehensive headphone/monitor features for reliable cueing in either split or stereo modes. 3-band program EQ is complemented by 2-band EQ on the mic channels.

The PCV-180 includes five line inputs, plus three mic ins and a stereo effects return. The CF-PCV crossfader is user-replaceable.

The PCV-180 is excellent for studio, home and small club use and for anyone who is looking for flexibility with a lot of different equipment.